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Goth Wood Tabletop

Goth Wood Tabletop brings you a range of luxury, handcrafted tabletop gaming accessories. Whether you play D&D, VTM, Warhammer or anything that uses dice, we have something to enhance your gaming experience!

We launched A range of ten dice trays in October 2023, with two options for the rolling surface; Dark Elf Purple and Sanguine Red.

During November 2023 we developed our first luxury DM screen, featuring a satin walnut front, vegan oxblood leather interior and hidden magnets to hold those all-important campaign notes.

In the workshop are prototypes for dice boxes and rolling towers, so watch this space and follow us on Instagram to keep up to date!

See what's available right now in our shop.

Tabletop Gaming: Welcome
Tabletop Gaming: Welcome

Premium tabletop gaming accessories, made from reclaimed wood

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Limited quantities

Everything that we make here at Goth Wood uses reclaimed and upcycled wood.  Each of our Tabletop product ranges are made in small batches, and the numbers are entirely dependent on what wood is available at the time.

After a production run of a product is sold out, we can never guarantee that we'll be able to make the exact same product again - if you're after something specific, please get in touch, as we may have some spare wood left over from other projects that we can use to cook you up something special.

Tabletop Gaming: Welcome
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