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About us

Instead of "About us", this page should probably be called, "About me"... I'm Greg, the one man band behind Goth Wood. Well, me and the gnomes.

Goth Wood

After rebuilding a dilapidated outbuilding in 2019, I finally have a dedicated place to make things, and have combined it with my love of finding beauty in the darker side of life, to give life to Goth Wood - creating gothic, witchy and occult things from reclaimed wood. Candle holders, jewellery, dice boxes, wall art and all sorts of commissions - it all gets made in my small workshop in Warwick. I love what I make, and I make what I love - so much so, that sometimes I'm a little sad to see items go! 


I'm a metalhead, and love almost all metal subgenres from glam metal through to infamous Norwegian black metal (trve kvlt), and my tastes tend to sit at the more extreme end of the spectrum. If you fancy having a listen to what's playing in the workshop, there's a youtube playlist you can check out.

I've been in various bands, the frontman of power metal band Barbikan, and guitarist in black metal quartet Necrotic Soul

I also ran a video series about my local metal scene called Metal In The Cabin.

Other stuff

Goth Wood is my passion, but I have a full time 'proper job' too; I manage a small team of great people in a small-ish company, just down the road from where I live.

I have an awesome wife and two incredible kids.

And I bloody love playing Skyrim.

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